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Antenatal Care Package or according to gestation £3450.00

Antenatal Care Package

Due to increasing demand, we are now pleased to offer an antenatal package for pregnant women who would like to have their antenatal care done through a private GP practice. 

From the moment you discover you are pregnant, to the day you deliver your baby…we are here to support you! Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, we want to help make your journey smooth and comfortable. 

Our antenatal package includes: 

• Early pregnancy consultation (usually 5-8 weeks). At this appointment we will take a variety of blood tests including tests for anaemia, HIV, heptatis, blood grouping and immunity to rubella (german measles) and varicella (chickenpox). We will also refer you for an early pregnancy scan. This is to confirm the pregnancy, ensure it has implanted in the womb and whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy. All our scans are performed by the Harley Street Centre for Women.

• From 10 weeks we will refer you for the harmony test. This is a new type of prenatal test to look for Downs and other trisomy. This includes a scan and blood test.  

• 12 week scan includes nuchal translucency and screening for Downs syndrome (11-15 weeks). This is followed by a consultation with the doctor to review the scan, check your blood pressure and urine and general well being. 

• 16 weeks consultation as above plus referral for detailed anomaly scan (done 16-23 weeks). 

• 20 week consultation following the anomaly scan. Review of the scan results and review of blood pressure, urine and general wellbeing. 

• 24 week consultation and follow up as above. 

• 28 week consultation and follow up. Blood test to check for anaemia and glucose. 

• 30 week consultation and follow up. 

• 32 week consultation and follow up. At this appointment we will also do a glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes. 

• 34 week consultation and referral to obstetrician. 

For those women wanting to deliver in private, we will refer them to the obstetrician of their choice at 34 weeks. This will include all their clinical information, blood results and scan reports. 

For those women wanting to deliver in the NHS we will refer them to the NHS for further management and delivery. 

If you would like to continue to be seen by us from 34 weeks up until you deliver we would be happy to do this (not included in this package)

Payment upfront in full -  £3450

or in 3 installments (total £3550):

at initial booking £1950

at 13 weeks £800

at 20/21 weeks £800